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New Record Efficiency with Cells produced by Q-Cells
New Record Efficiency with Cells produced by Q-Cells

Just as the PVSEC approaches, Q-Cells SE (QCE; ISIN DE0005558662) shows what their cells are made of: The technologists in the Solar Valley Thalheim have succeeded in designing a module with an efficiency of 15.9% using the next generation of polycrystalline cells.

This is a world record for mass-produced cells manufactured according to common industrial standards!

The module, which has an output of 249 W, has already been tested and certified by an independent institute, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg. It was created in Q-Cells’ own module test centre in Thalheim, where a team has been researching the interaction at the interface between the solar cell and the module for almost a year.

Source: Q-Cells

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