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We have today the opportunity to chose the energy we want for tomorrow.

We have now to choose.

The choice to allow, to participate, to accelerate the development of an alternative route, now respectful of our environment, economically and technically viable and reliable.

The choice to anticipate the progressive replacement of our existing fossil resources, this major challenge announced for years but right now absolutely obvious even if we just begin to evaluate the constraints it will put on the shoulders of our " modern civilizations ", this necessary anticipation being reinforced by the underinvestment caused by the financial crisis for now more than 3 years, where we can for sure foreseen a dramatic increase in a near future of the oil & gas prices.

The choice to develop locally the necessary conditions for a national energetically independence, when it is not a quasi self-sufficiency, by exploring the possibilities of an inexhaustible, free, reliable predictable and available resource, the sun.

The choice of the responsibility , also, by enabling the future generations an access to a durable development, in harmony with the limited raw materials capacities of the planet, by taking the profit of the photovoltaic technology, whose current production costs decreased by a 50 factor during the last 30 years.

The choice of a responsible economy, whereas we are at the fence of the grid parity, that is to say equivalent production cost from PV installations compared with usual electricity network conditions.

The choice of a national reinvestment campaign for an harmonious development of the country, enabling the creation of local jobs in the PV value chain, and proposing to our farmers, citizens, industrials the opportunity to take advantage of this new business through the production of their own electricity.  

M3P Solar takes the strong commitment to be involved in the local and professional development of the photovoltaic energy, local jobs creation through maintenance and operation contracts, respectfully with local traditions and policies, under the authority and associations control.

For a durable development of this unique, photovoltaic, opportunity.      

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