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Our Commitments
The planet development requires a new deal between the 3 piles of the humanity : environmental care (Planet), social equity (People) and economical progress (Profit).

Across its activities M3PSOLAR considers that we have a societal responsibility. Fully engaged for this definition, M3P SOLAR establishes durable practices from the conception beginning point of a project up to the operating period like the dismantling and the final recycling of the solar panels.

M3PSOLAR commit itself to promote the triple strategy economical, social and environmental (the so-called 3P strategy "Profit, People, Planet"), definitively a pile for a long term development, in harmony with our values, internally and externally.

Social – People

M3PSOLAR defines the social consequences of its activities for the co-actors as a whole (customers, suppliers, shareholders, neighbors etc.) and tries to give as precise answers as possible to their expectations and demands.
According to us, to emphasize good relationships at work helps to facilitate good work conditions, chances and talents development, Unions liberty, health and safety cares, prevents from accidents and facilitates an equilibrated salary justice.

Environnemental – Planet

Definition of equilibrium between human activities and ecosystem care: a company needs to establish a strategy on the bottom & top of its relationship with the external world, customers, suppliers, employees, products, process and neighborhood.

On the input & inlet, the company needs to determine, control and minimize its energy consumptions and orientate its choice towards renewable energies each time this is possible. Regarding the outlets & outputs, a drastic policy is necessary to control, minimize and focus on wastes and recycling.

Economics – Profit

Profit oriented strategy completed by a positive impact on the local development: this supposes from the beginning a very clear and proactive ethic policy avoiding corruption acts and transparency within the Company rules.

M3PSOLAR works books wide open and from the beginning we focus to establish a permanent dialog between all the parties. M3PSOLAR commit itself to supply reliable information on the products used, company performances, methods, procedures...

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