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Partners & Network
To guarantee the best possible quality of both equipment either services across all the steps of a PV farm installation, M3P Solar selected rigorously its commercial and industrial partners

The first of them being the 2008 n°1 worldwide PV solar cells German manufacturer:

With a 1,2 billion € of turnover in 2008, Q-Cells is not only a major European players whose reputation is more than established as THE reference in Europe and the world, it's also a Company whose Business is purely improvement and Customers oriented.
Among the most famous labs, teams and suppliers signed long term partnership conventions with Q-Cells.

Moreover and to minimize its environmental footprint especially during the panels installation, the technical solution established by Q-Cells teams allows to minimize the soil impacts, the works duration like the dismantling operations: almost no civil works, no concrete within the soils.

This technical know-how allows the soils to recover their initial shape, at the end of the life cycle of the panels.

Q-Cells takes the commitment for a global recovery of the panels at the end of their production life, classically after a period of 20 to 25 years (PV panels are guaranteed 25 years).

Q-Cells is one of the founder of PV Cycle (international association international for the promotion and action for the recovery and recycling of photovoltaic panels). On December 19th, 2008, Q-Cells signed with other major PV industrials a voluntary agreement with the European Community which set ambitious recovery ratios with as an example a minimum 65% recovery of the panels sold and a recycling ratio of 85% for the corresponding equipment.


After more than 20 years of project Management Control for worldwide projects and for major players in the oil & gas industry and industrial sectors like Silicon production ( TOTAL, ALCAN, SILPRO etc.. ) Euro Control Project can assist the erection of solar farms and important PV installations for all the aspects linked with cost, time schedule, safety and quality control, on demand of our customers.

ECP is located in Aix en Provence (near the French Riviera) but is present also in Paris and Abou Dhabi.

Guigues Environment Group represents very recognized teams and know-how for the specific requirements of polluted soils, polluted industrial areas or landfills, water treatment innovative solutions. Guigues develop a technical and geographical portfolio for all possible polluted French and outside subjects.

The references and experiences gained by Guigues since 1954 in the management of environmental projects, the versatility of the teams, allow Guigues Environment to produce specific and adapted answers to the requirement of our customers.

M3P Solar and Guigues work closely together for the remediation, the treatment and the recovery of former landfills or former industrial sites into photovoltaic solar farms installations: 

Thanks to the photovoltaic projects, we allow costs centers to become profits centers whereas the pollution problems are treated on both chemical like visual aspects.

Finally, we are working with the most known French societies, for all the lead disciplines involved in a PV installation, from the studies to the final erection, trying each time to facilitate local initiatives.

For all the electrical and connection disciplines:


For civil and excavation Works:

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