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Farmers: how to benefit from guaranteed revenues for 20 years

The erection of a durable agriculture is nowadays necessary to fulfill the needs of a 9 billion inhabitants planet, as we are expected to become before 2050, to keep also the natural resources and the biodiversity.
The photovoltaic energy is one of the best possible answers to these constraints.

As farmer or landowner, M3PSOLAR allows to assist you for the development of a solar farm or a rooftop photovoltaic installation, reliable, financially viable, and respectful regarding our environment.

When necessary and if necessary, we take care of all financing, technical and administrative authorizations questions.

Solar Farm

The target of M3PSolar is concentrate on the proposal for the land owners to become themselves photovoltaic electricity producers.

The photovoltaic installation is developed by M3PSOLAR and Q-Cells (n°1 worldwide wafers and silicon cells manufacturer ) on one part of your land piece and for one or several places. The minimum required surface reaches 100,000 sqm, for financing and scale leverages reasons;

This installation will bring you and for at least 20 years a significant revenue, both through the land pieces rental either because of your own involvement , if accepted, in the preventive maintenance of the solar farm (after preliminary training).

Farm Building

Rooftop photovoltaic installations are ideal on the roofs of the farm buildings.
According to the owner willingness to invest or not in the PV installation, M3PSOLAR will assist you in providing a "turn key" contract.

Thanks to our partnership with financial major players, we will propose you a dedicated assistance.

Our assistance includes everything, from the feasibility study, the grid connection contract, the design and the erection of the PV installation, up to the administrative authorization discussions.

Land Owners: how to increase your real estate holdings

The electricity production enables an improvement of the financial revenues ratio produced from the real estate positions, with or without investment. Moreover the photovoltaic installations participate to the global warming reduction without any reduction of the owner rights on his property.

You transform by this way your land into a renewable energy source for the community and reinforce your " environmental care " perception within the local inhabitants, your employees and your business network.

According to your strategy, that is to say investment or not within the PV solar farm, M3PSOLAR will bring to you the best possible technical and financial solution ( Project Management Control, photovoltaic operation and financing, operation only etc...).

We will be capable to reach your best requirement in terms of safety and quality.

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