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Increase the value of your landed incomes I How to build a future for your dumps

The renewable energies are, after the energy consumption reduction, the best possible answer in the global warming effect and its consequences like the climate change.

For the local communities and across the options selected, the utilization of the photovoltaic energy can cumulate multiple interests, from the participation to a global environmental care action, financial gains, up to the contribution to the local business and employment development.

M3P SOLAR has organized its know how to present a solution adapted to your needs in a responsible and "environmental care" spirit, fitting in this with the local context.

All our solutions are elaborated in respect with the best possible standards in terms of quality and safety.

We will assist you with communication practices whose contribution was developed across more than 20 years within our former experiences gained in world class companies and through complex projects dealing with incinerators installation, quarry creation, dump opening discussion...

Increase the value of your landed incomes

The erection of ground based photovoltaic farms and roof top equipment allows to reinforce the economical attractiveness and the competitiveness of the region.

Through its activity, M3P SOLAR willingness is to fully support the local developers and community leaders in their renewable energy policy, one of the main results being the employment of direct jobs and involvement of subcontractors.

The production of green energy issued from photovoltaic cells allows you to improve the financial yield of your landed income, without any prior investment. In addition, you keep the availability of your assets without transferring rights to a third party on your property. The photovoltaic energy produced helps to reduce the national CO2 emission of the global electricity production. In case of roof top installations, you keep all the damages guarantees and insurances existing before the photovoltaic panels connection.

Land pieces and buildings or warehouses are accordingly modified to become energy sources for the collectivity and enable the reinforcement of the local "green" and responsible care attractiveness of the authorities within the inhabitants of the region.

The financial and technical solutions of M3P Solar can predict, in relationship with the local future needs, a contractual escape clause by anticipation. Accordingly, you always keep a total control on your property and your long term development strategy.

Linked to your investment policy, M3P Solar can propose you to invest or not, to get involved or not, within the photovoltaic panels erection project and final production (project management control, outsourcing of the production etc...).

M3P Solar can give you all and any kind of answers you should require in terms of Quality and Safety.

About 5 tons of CO2 are avoided by year for a thousand square meter installation of multi-crystalline silicon panels in the center of France (115 kWc in LYON)

How to build a future for your dumps

M3P Solar is both experienced in solar farms erection and dumps, quarries, landfills remediation. Through our photovoltaic cells partner Q-Cells, the n°1 world wide leading company in the photovoltaic industry for one decade, M3P Solar can install solar farms on former unavailable surfaces.

Through its partnership with Guigues Environment Company, a leading company in the project management control of industrial and civil dumps remediation, M3PSOLAR will ensure from A to Z all the missions, from the soil or water analysis up to the final photovoltaic panels installation, including the centralized DC control, the biogas emission control, the piezometers installation, stacks following and lixiviates automatic pumping.

Beside these analysis tasks, M3PSOLAR will issue the technical notes for the validation by the administration entities of the project (DRIRE for France and EPA for the US) and will propose solutions if analysis detect some abnormalities.

M3P Solar will be your unique counterpart and will lead with a global integrated view and under very professional manners the project erection management control and finally involving in this Q-Cells, the operation and maintenance of the solar farms installed.

For industrial or civil dumps owners, the operation allows to obtain a profit center, from the previous cost center.

A financial solution will be established linked to your willingness to invest or not in the global project.

M3PSOLAR implement everything to bring the community the best future solutions. Our experiences get from significant industrial and complex projects is a valid proof of our professionalism.

If you have questions, we are here to give you as precise and rapid answers as possible.

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