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Increase the net value of your property I Build a valid and realistic future for your polluted areas I Valorization of your industrial buildings roofs

Energy consumption optimization and greenhouse gases effects reduction are major industrial stakes for the 21st century.

Energy and renewable energies are more than ever a performance lever which has to be implemented in a cost reduction plan.

The installation of solar farms on polluted areas, industrial landfills allows getting some values and revenues for your terrains.

M3P Solar proposes a double expertise in both treatment and remediation of industrial areas, either conception / installation / operation of solar farms, thanks to its partnership with our partners Q-Cells and Guigues Environnement S.A.S.

All our solutions are designed in a " win-win " spirit built on the highest standards of safety, quality, and mutual trust.

Increase the net value of your property

M3P Solar is proposing a real know-how in the fields of administrative rules for ICPE facilities (Environmental Care Classified installations), SEVESO II plants or even management for the treatment of heavily polluted areas (chemicals, military applications ...).

The electricity production from photovoltaic sources allows you to improve the financial revenues produced by your property, without any investment in most cases. Moreover, you keep the availability of your ownership, without any rights transfer, excepted the payment of a lease fee with the usual rights of such classical procedures. If you have to submit your activities to CO2 quotas, the photovoltaic installation enables you to get back some carbon credits.

You transform by this way a terrain or your building in a renewable energy source for the local entities and reinforce your environmental friendly attitude among users, investors, clients or political leaders.

Technical and financing solutions brought by M3P Solar propose when needed anticipated close out procedures which allows you if required to keep always the control on your terrains or buildings.

We will be in a position to fulfill all your requirements in terms of safety & quality.

Build a valid and realistic future for your polluted areas

In case of business shutdown, you have in France to fix all the works and costs link with pollution of the terrains you are leaving. The residual costs for historical landfills or former facilities, quarries or coal mines can be accordingly very heavy or even economically unrealistic. The cost linked in these conditions with the pollution treatment can be a very severe break for any other kind of projects, industrial or not.

Our very experienced knowledge and references within the industry, allows M3P Solar to develop technical and financing solutions which includes on one side the conception, the erection and the operation of the solar installation, like on the other side the procedures to overcome the pollution parameters, from soils analysis up to the works organization ( safety prevention procedures and specific requirements definition ) during the solar panels installation and their final operations and maintenance.

M3PSOLAR will be your single leading partner for the remediation of the site, the design of the solar panels, their installation, the erection and the operation of the solar farm.

Valorization of your industrial buildings roofs

The installation of a solar panels roof needs to take into account the future uses of the building to evaluate the potential risks for the co-activities with PV panels electricity production. M3P Solar can ensure the erection of a high quality standards rooftop, reliable and safe and presenting the highest possible standards of the available products on the market. Financing and operation of the solar installation can be carried out by M3P Solar. A lease contract of 30 years, is then signed between the parties and the rental payment takes place to pay the occupation by M3P Solar of the roof.

If you wish to invest by yourself within the PV installation, M3P Solar can assist you in the conception, the erection and the maintenance of your installation and advise you in the investment optimization like the maintenance operation costs across the life time of the panels.

Safety, health concern and environmental care behaviors are key values in the decision and management chains of M3P Solar. Safety is of contractual importance that is to say to take care of our customers, suppliers and employees, whatever are the context and the works conditions.

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