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Grants & subsidies
Since July 2006 and the law fixing the conditions of the French Feed In Tariff for the Photovoltaic installations, the French ADEME and municipalities significantly reduced their own direct subsidies.

Apart from the French national Feed in Tariff and to assist the local development of renewable energies, several regions created local subsidies, notably to reduce the cost of photovoltaic equipment linked to the grid, and their installation. These grants are varying from one region to another. On the top of this regional support, also some departments developed some additional subsidies. Grants are generally directly proportional to the cost so the size of the system installed.

You will find an exhaustive list of all the regional financial assistance available in France on the web site of ENERPLAN (professional association based on solar energy development). Click here.

To know the exact conditions and the procedure for your demand, you will find the necessary information with ADEME office or the corresponding region agency.
In case of, M3P Solar can assist you in the required files preparation.

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