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Tax system
Q-CELLs finances, operates, and maintains the solar farms during the whole period of the land lease.
The land owner receives as a counterpart from the operator, a fee on 20 years (or even 30 years) defined between the parties and set down officially through a Land Lease contract.
This rental price is given for the global area and evolves in line with the inflation rate.

QCELLS takes on its own the following French taxes:

  • "taxe professionnelle" : calculated in relationship with the added value of the plant, in our case the turnover due to the electricity sales: 3.5 % of the turnover, each year ;
  • "taxe foncière sur le non bâti" : following the item 1396 of the general tax code index, this tax is defined using the local tax rate as summarized in articles 1509 à 1518 A ;
  • "taxe locale d'équipement" is "established on the construction, the re-construction and improvement of all the possible buildings" (article 1585 A du CGI).
For the farmers, you can find an article on this subject on the web site of CER France. Click here.


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