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Whereas a photovoltaic installation requires a few different components for its erection, these items need to be selected with caution to fulfill the expectations of the future electricity producer in terms of PV yield, reliability and life cycle global environmental interest.

To invest in a solar farm represents a very heavy investment: as an example, a solar production plant of 10 MWp needs a terrain of 250,000 sqm and an investment of about 25 millions €.

With a equivalent production of 574.2 MWp in 2008 and 2568 employees, Q-Cells is the worldwide leader of the photovoltaic cells fabrication.

The geographical split of the 1251.3 millions € from Q-cells turnover is the following:
Germany: 39.3 %
Europe: 39.2 %
Asia: 8.9 %
North America: 6.2 %
Others: 0.1 %

The Financial interest and the leadership position of Q-Cells allows the Company to get a fluid access to many investors within the field of renewable energies (Dresdner Bank, GE Service capital, BNP, ...). Even if the credit crunch crisis met for more than one year is affecting also the renewable energy sector like other industrial activities, investors are however interested by photovoltaic investment. Financial propositions are based on debts and cash flow.

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