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Preventive Maintenance I Corrective Maintenance

To keep adequate performances on the solar farm production, it is necessary to ensure appropriate maintenance of the different components. Despite the appearance of a very simple installation, a preventive maintenance is compulsory to stabilize the production and financial yields, and guarantee a life time which can reach easily more than 25 years.

Q-Cells developed across the last decade a recognized know-how in terms of maintenance FMAIP (failure mode analysis improvement plan ) and global maintenance services.

All the employees or subcontractors operating on our solar farms received from Q-Cells and M3PSOLAR an adequate training to follow and anticipate the best practices and requirement of the different components suppliers.

It is accordingly recommended to subscribe a maintenance assistance contract, to keep efficient and safe your installation. This assistance covers both preventive either curative maintenance interventions.

Preventive Maintenance

Visits, audits and general maintenance interventions are focused on the reduction of shutdown risks and to keep at the expected level the global safety, efficiency and reliability behaviors of the plant as close as possible from the original design criteria.

The main operations are:

The cleaning of the photovoltaic cells

The most widespread operation for the solar modules deals with the cleaining of the glass surface to evacuate possible dusts or pollution deposits. For most of the time, the cleaning is only necessary after long dryness periods, when there ahad been no rains to evacuate the atmospheric dusts and pollutions.
To clean the panels, it is only necessary to use water, without any surfactant addition, to avoid unnecessary soils pollutions. This cleaning is realized like for cars and home windows, in the morning when the sun and temperature conditions are favorable.

The checking of modules and framework

cracks in the glasses, discoloration or abnormal heating. All the defaults or remarks are written within the general maintenance book of the plant, to enable a precise following of any deviation.
The general checking of the framework is focused on bolts and nuts shape and good tightening, also corrosion traces for aggressive regions ( sea borders etc.. ) are precisely followed.

The checking of electrical panels and junction boxes

First of all, a " mechanical " check up is performed: all the electrical connections are verified: this includes bolts and nuts appropriate tightening. Finally, an electrical verification ensures the measurement of the daily tension intensity and electrical production following, to detect any eventual drift of a panel.

M3PSOLAR concentrate its efforts on the preventive maintenance, which is always less safety, money, reliability and time consuming than curative Maintenance. The planning established for the visits and audits can be shared with the owner through internet links (predictive maintenance visits, operations reports, historical events tracking ...).

Corrective Maintenance

The corrective actions are realized after a problem met on the plant. M3PSOLAR and Q-Cells are committed to take care rapidly of the required interventions. The damages including the replacement of metallic pieces, electrical devices, junction box or whatever are replaced rapidly through our network of qualified people and spare pieces.

Every and each of the maintenance operations are tracked and possibly available via Internet, with a report.

To have in mind some references, it is generally admitted that the yearly maintenance costs, as the provisions for the converters replacement, represent about 1% of the global investment.

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