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The basics
Rooftop photovoltaic generator

The circuit breaker is used to shutdown (loaded) the photovoltaic generator for the Direct Current. Thus the converter enables the conversion of the direct current produced by the generator, into an alternating current, having the same characteristics (tension, frequency, phasing...) than the current supplied through the grid. The delivery counter (EDF in France) measure the quantity of electricity (kWh) taking out form the network while the counter installed after the converter allows the measurement of the electricity production of the solar panels.

See the schematic diagram

Ground based Solar farm with fixed panels

The photovoltaic panels are directly connected to the junction box; This box enable the protection of the global photovoltaic chain, ensuring also the generators performances following, and an easy shutdown of the whole installation through a general Direct current circuit breaker.
In the transformers station are mainly concentrated the converters, the HV/LV transformer, like the general circuit breaker of the solar farm. Concerning the distribution panel, the grid connection circuits and the electricity production counter, they are located in the delivery station.

See the schematic diagram

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